Cifrão decided to surprise all those who were in the zone of Chiado and presented an incredible show, full of dance and snow.

Thousands of people gathered in front of the Chiado Warehouses to watch Cifrão’s choreography, which was attended by 20 dancers and an authentic “snow” shower.

The singer and actor, 38, is one of the great visionaries and entrepreneurs of the national dance scene. In addition to being a dancer, Vítor Fonseca is also the ambassador of Rock in Rio Lisboa; choreographer of television productions and artistic director of programs like “Dance with the Stars” and “Let’s Dance”.

Currently, Cifrão is also the artistic director of the first Portuguese online dance company: the Online Dance Company. This is a unique and irreverent concept, which brings together some of the best national dancers, with the intention of bringing the best of the dance that is made in Portugal to the home of all the Portuguese, through videos, released every month.

Within a year and a half, the Online Dance Company has managed to win six international awards and reached more than four million people.

Source: SELFIE