CLIPPING: STARS ONLINE – Video of Cifrão that moves young and old receives international Award

There are already 6 international awards that the Online Dance Company powered by Millennium bcp, company directed by Cifrão, conquered in the last year. This time with the video “There’s no age for dancing” that won the 1st prize at the Audience Awards, one of the best competitions in the area worldwide!

The video features Michel de Roubaix’s tap dance master and the young dancer Francisco Tiago as protagonists, and besides the beauty of the performance of the two dancers, it’s a video that thrills young and old!

The video for the month of March was selected by a panel of judges, made up of celebrities from the world of dance and film: from Chelsea Zeffiro, American contemporary dance dancer, African dancer and musician Fara Tolno, who has worked with artists like Joe Cocker and Youssou N’Dour, Bosco Dance, choreographer who has worked with artists such as Pink, Missy Elliot, Chris Brown, among others.

Directed by Ricardo Reis, “There’s no age for dancing” has Michel de Roubaix, who is considered the “Father of Tap” in Portugal, along with one of the greatest promises of the nationally-awarded ballet, Francisco Tiago. In just a few minutes, Michel moves in his 69 years with the lightness of 20, while Francisco fills the stage with a confidence that 13 years of life should not convey. Together, they dethrone patterns and prejudices in a prolonged applause for mutual admiration, underlining the greatest of teachings: there is no age for dance. A video that thrilled young and old and won the Audience Awards jury!

Another achievement of Cifrão’s innovative online company, which has 16 dance videos released since May 2016, more than 3 million views in social networks, and several international awards. The Online Dance Company powered by Millennium bcp continues to present dance performances, which are not tied to a physical space, but rather of free access to the entire world through the internet. It is the new way of bringing art to all, without costs, barriers and in a visionary way and presenting what is best done in the national dance.