The real heroes among us is the theme of the July video of the Online Dance Company.

In a tribute to firefighters from all over the world, Cifrão’s Online Dance Company has decided once again to innovate and join the thousands of demonstrations of recognition that are happening all over the world by the work of firefighters.

After the recent tragedy in Pedrógão Grande and Castanheira de Pêra, and the fires that happen every year in Portugal and all over the world, Online Dance Company decided to pay tribute to those who are the real heroes: the Firemen.

And it was through the recreation of dance steps of various dancers, such as Francisco Tiago, Teresa Alves da Silva, André Cabral, Francisca Marques, Deeogo Oliveira, but in animation format, that the Portuguese dance decided to honor this professional class that risked its life to save that of so many others.

The true heroes are among us.

Source: VIP