After encouraging public transport, with the initiative “Cifrão puts Lisbon dancing”, the dancer dared to dream higher. He dreamed and realized the idea inside an airplane, during a trip to Porto Santo. N-TV was there.

It’s 06:30 in the morning of this Friday. Cifrão, who is now much more than Zé Milho dos D’ZRT (“Morangos com Açúcar”), meets with his team and the press at Humberto Delgado airport to embark on an unforgettable trip.

With the dawn and the approximation of the flight time, which would follow from Lisbon to Porto Santo, the cameras and the cameras are prepared to capture the moment when Cifrão and his dancers intend to make a difference. “Dance has no limits and is a cross-cutting art”. The phrase, out of the mouth of the choreographer himself, is the motto for the challenge of presenting an unexpected performance inside an airplane.

The sound of tightening of the belts, the safety instructions and the activation of the engines announce the take off for the smallest inhabited island of the Madeira archipelago. As the tourists settle into their seats and become aware of the current national situation, Vanda and André prepare their presentation, at the same time as the captain announces a “little surprise” for the passengers. To the sound of “Porto Santo”, by Carlos Paredes, the dancers enchant with a performance of contemporary dance at ten thousand meters of altitude.

“We have the duty and the responsibility to represent the dance in the four corners of the world,” explains Cifrão, after the warm applause of all those present. One of the surprised passengers is Álvaro Torres, a regular visitor to Porto Santo. Despite the island’s recurring passages, the 62-year-old Lisbon had never experienced such an unusual trip. “Dancing in such a narrow corridor is an extraordinary challenge. It was a way to cheer us up, “he told N-TV.

In the return trip to Lisbon of the team of Cifrão, the challenge repeats itself but not for that reason the surprise is smaller. “The airplane as a stage is something new, but it was only an approximation of what we can still do inside an airplane,” he says before returning to the capital.

“Here we go again,” says the dancer André Cabral, moments before the plane takes off. The faces of the tourists show apathy, characteristic of who embarks on a plane trip like many others. However, a few minutes later, Vanda Gameiro and André Cabral again startle the passengers and give pace to the trip.

After a holiday in Porto Santo, Carla and Luís, 45, return to their home in Lisbon, when they are confronted with a unique experience in altitude. “We liked it immensely, we were not expecting anything. You need more initiatives like this, on land, at sea and in all places, “the couple told N-TV. With admiration on his face, little Diogo, a nine-year-old son of Carla and Luis, reveals that he loved the experience and that he wanted it to happen again.

At the end of the adventure, the dancers André and Vanda do not hesitate in the “very positive” balance. “It was a magical experience. I hope it made people dream bigger, “says the celebrated ballroom dancer. André, one of the most versatile dancers in the country, emphasizes that the challenge allowed him to grow creatively. “It’s good when we’re working and we still manage to surprise ourselves, and by the reaction of people was something they will remember forever. If on a stage a lot can happen, the more a stage is a living thing, “concluded the dancer, who became known to the Portuguese in the talent show of SIC” Achas que sabe dançar “in 2010.

Upon arrival in Lisbon, the passengers return with the certainty that they were part of a unique experience and that was a flight they will never forget.

Source: N-TV