Clipping TVI 24: Cifrão’s Video Moves Thousands of Portuguese

Online Company Dance Company releases a dance video every month. This month has more than 18 thousand views in only three days.

Online Dance Company, an online dance company created by Vítor Fonseca, better known as Cifrão, released a video, interestingly, three days before father’s day celebration, which is moving Portugal.

Cifrão published the video “There’s No Age for Dancing” on Facebook and explained: “It could very well be a love story and tenderness between grandfather and grandson and, in fact, it’s kind of it.”

The film reunites the “tap dance father”, Michel, and one of the ballet’s greatest hopes,Francisco. “On stage Michel undoes gravity in a light and timeless dance, in a record that sticks to his age,” says Cifrão.

“Francis moves with a maturity that he does shouldn’t have yet, in certain and infallible coordinations, full of emotion. Together, they dethrone patterns and prejudices in a prolonged applause for mutual admiration, underlining the greatest of teachings: there is no age for dance, “adds Cifrão in his Facebook posting.

The video has become viral, thrilled, and already has more than 18,000 views in just three days. “Michel is part of my imagination”, “excellent work” are some comments on the page.

The Online Dance Company powered by Millennium BCP is a dance company that doesn’t intend to be limited by a physical space. It lives online, although her dancers are Portuguese. The project was presented on May 10, 2016 by Cifrão, the mind behind the company whose shows are not for a few hundred people, but for anyone who is in front of a screen with an internet connection.

Every month, a dance video that can be of different styles like hip hop, ballet, contemporary or salsa is transmitted / released.

Source: TVI 24