Clipping LUX: Cifrão Creates A Choreography To Prove That Love Wins It All

The last Online Dance Company powered by Millennium BCP directed by Cifrão speaks of love.

Because this is the Valentine’s Month, this Online Dance Company powered by Millenium BCP video is focused on “love, showing that dancing is a supreme form of expression.”

The dancers André Cabral and Teresa Alves da Silva gave life to two statues that are reborn as the passion they nurture for each other grows.

According to Cifrão, creator of the company:

“Love is a dance shared by two bodies on a stage that we hope to be eternal. It illuminates faded hearts, turned into stone. It rebornes. It binds souls to the intense balance of passion, in a ceaseless promise of a happy ending. This new video of February, intends to endorse the belief that, in the end, love wins everything”.

In only 9 months, the Online Dance Company powered by Millennium bcp videos have been seen by more than 1 million and 500 thousand people, receiving international awards and couting with the special participation of personalities like Afonso Pimentel or Nelson Évora.