The choreographer surprised the passengers of a flight, bound for Porto Santo, while conducting a performance aboard this plane. Cifrão charmed everyone with a contemporary dance.

During the morning of this Friday, the 14th, the passengers of a flight, traveling between Lisbon and Porto Santo, were surprised by Cifrão and some dancers. The former jury of TVI’s “Let’s Dance” program brought together Vanda Gameiro and André Cabral to cheer people on board this plane and the result could not have been better.

Cifrão had the purpose to show that “the Portuguese dance is at its best”, in a moment that was recorded, in video, published in social networks.

“We want to give wings … To give wings to the dreams, the aspirations, the conquests and, above all, that the dance reaches the whole world! This morning we danced aboard a Lisbon – Porto Santo flight, to show that the Portuguese dance is at its best, “he wrote.

It is recalled that Cifrão has been recognized for his work in the area of ​​dance, both in Portugal and abroad. Proof of this is the digital platform Online Dance Company, a project that comes by the hand of Cifrão and whose shows are for any Internet user.

Source: Selfie