Michel and Francisco

For 69 years the “tap tap tap” sound has made him company. At first in his hands, then in his feet, he could feel music everywhere. Once in his feet, that sound would never let him go. It could be the sound of restlessness if it wasn’t a sound of joy. Michel de Roubaix, the “tap dance father” in Portugal, came here in search of an adventure and found a lifetime passion. Here, he learned from some English choristers to “tap dance”, he left for New York to learn more about this new dancing. He returned with a Broadway Dance Center certificate. Everything he learned, he would teach in Portugal.

Francis has wings on his toes, his heart on his hands and arms that levitate. When he comes on stage, his boy’s body gives room to an adult with firm strides and confident look. He is one of ballet’s greatest hopes in Portugal, watching him dancing is as moving as watching a bird escaping from a cage. When he dances, he’s free. Mutable.

Together they make the 11th video a dancing poetry, a story that could be within a grandfather and his grandson, an affection that embraces us in an prolonged applause of their mutual admiration. Two generations that defy gravity and prove that in dance – as everything that make us happy – there is no aging.